environmental friendly INDUSTRial cleaning CONSULTANTS

Oilbreaking3 is a fluid, resulting from the functionalization of mesoscopic zeolites amid magnetic polymers, using present or added moisture to form a repellent coating on solids, allowing  them to be dragged  within the  water or by the use of conventional cleaning tools.

Thanks to its mesoscopic components, Oilbreaking3 causes a repulsive coating on solids and allows easy dragging of the contaminants and heavy grease, using microfiber cloths. Oilbreaking3 is an environmental friendly product and does not contain:

- Petroleum derivatives
- Phenols
- Urea
- Phosphorus pentoxide
- Chlorinated compounds or agents.

- One product for different cleaning tasks
- Environmental friendly product
- Can be applied using foam machines, sprayers, and foggers
- Not flammable

- Biodegradable