environmental friendly INDUSTRial cleaning CONSULTANTS

OilBreaking3 is a fluid, resulting from the functionalization of mesoscopic zeolites amid magnetic polymers, using present or added moisture to form a repellent coating on solids, allowing  them to be dragged  within the  water or by centrifugal force.

Separation in 3 phases:   OIL, SOLIDS (soil/sediments), WATER in different scenarios such as:
• Soil/Sand contaminated with oil
• Water contaminated with oil and soil
• Oil contaminated with solids and water
• Oxidation Pools 

The objective in all of the above is achieving oil recovery and leaving soil ready for environment safely disposal.

Nevertheless, in field tests done on flocculation and coagulation Tanks and reservoirs, we obtained 5 phases which provide significant interest in giving a final solution to current environmental liabilities. This product is highly recommended for cleaning oil and sludge storage tanks, and industrial equipment exposed to heavy oil and grease.

Waterless cleaning: Any kind of surface exposed to heavy loads of grease , can be cleaned without using water.

With Oilbreaking3, cleaning processes  for machinery, specialized equipment and tools can be done faster and using only basic elements for dirt/mud/grime removal.

Good Methodology and OILBREAKING3 help  preventing technical stops, minimizing costs for this issue, shortening cleaning and maintenance times.

Oilbreaking3 focused to:

•Cleaning maintenance for drilling equipment

•Washing and maintenance of general industrial machinery
•Degreasing and cleaning of field working clothing
•Degreasing and cleaning of small tools

•Cleaning of plant material contaminated by oil spills and leaks
•Cleaning, degreasing and restoring of epoxic   coated floors
• Degreasing and cleaning of production rigs

Separation of oil, water and solids

Aircraft, Cars, Ships and Household Cleaning

Faster Waterless General Cleaning and Degreasing of tools and equipment

Foaming or Waterless car cleaning is possible thanks to the Oilbreaking3 technology which allows remove dirt/mud/grime removal from any part of the vehicles either inside the motor or at the exterior of the bodywork and tires creating a water repealing coat while  protecting paintwork and environment as Oilbreaking3 is an ecofriendly product.

If water and environment is a concern Oilbreaking3 will permit to clean and finished professionally your vehicle at your home or any other place just using its cleaning power with a spray container and a small microfiber towel. 

General household cleaning of countertops, floors, bathrooms and windows is so easy spraying Oilbreaking3 over the surface to be treated and removing the dirt with a clean microfibre or towel.